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Get Ready To Take Your Performance To The Next Level!
WarriorFit Performance
Our Philosophy: "Train To Enhance Movement"
“Discover How You Can Get The Edge Over Your Competition By Becoming More Powerful And Explosive, Gaining Quickness, Improving Agility And Developing Cutting-Edge Speed, Guaranteed To Improve Any Athlete’s Ability On The Field Or The Court!”
The First Step Is Always The Most Difficult. 
When You Sign Up For Our Risk Free Trial, you'll get:
14 Days of Semi-Private Training, Nutrition and Much More!
It's Not Just The Program, It's The System.
Any Coach Can Put Together Workouts. 
In Our System We Coach Skills And Produce Results
CJ Horvath - Wrestler, East Hills
CJ has been coming to us since 2015. He wrestles for the Lost Boys Wrestling Club. Pound for Pound one of the strongest athletes we coach. Weighing about 90 lbs, CJ has been a great example of results.
Dead Lifts 1.5 times his Body Weight
Back Squats 1.5 times his Body Weight 
Front Squats 1.25 times his Body Weight
Hang Clean his Body Weight
Bench Presses his Body Weight
Tyler Horton - Soccer Goalie, Easton HS
Tyler has been coming to us since 2013. Tyler boasts an incredible improvement in skills. Tyler's results in a 1-month span:
Vertical Jump - Test 1 - 17.5", Test 2 - 20.5" - Increase in 4"
Broad Jump - Test 1 - 72", Test 2 - 84" - Increase in 12"
Pro-Agility - Test 1 - 5.3 sec, Test 2 - 5 sec - Quicker by 3/10ths of a sec
40-Yd Sprint - Test 1 - 6.02 sec, Test 2 - 5.53 sec - drop in half a second
1-Min Push Up - Test 1 - 10 reps, Test 2 - 23 reps - Increase in 13 reps
300-Yd Shuttle - Test 1 - 70 sec, Test 2 - 63 sec - faster by 7 seconds
Your Risk Free Trial Comes Equipped With:
Establishing Goals
We want to know your Why. What are you looking to accomplish? How committed are you to your child's athletic development? We establish goals and expectations and create timelines. 
A Performance Assessment
We use a functional movement screen to assess risks of injury. We will also run your athlete through performance tests to establish a baseline and identify weaknesses in skill development. 
An Individualized Workout Program
Based off the athlete's assessment we develop an individualized workout plan that is specific to their needs. The workout plan is designed to address the athlete's weaknesses and deficiencies during their Trial. 
Unlimited Semi-Private Training
During our Trial you'll have the ability to attend Unlimited Semi-Private Training Classes. You will receive a hands on coaching experience from our coaches plus plenty of support, advice and motivation. 
Nutrition Plan
Nutrition is a critical part of our system. In order to maximize your athlete's results we need to address your athlete's nutritional needs. This will encompass coaching them on daily nutritional recommendations, workout nutrition, recovery nutrition, and supplementation. 
During your Trial period your strength coach will provide daily check ins via email. Our goal is to keep you engaged and focused on your success. Check ins will consist of updates on adjusting to nutritional recommendations as well as providing information on how the athlete needs to take care of their body for maximum results. 
You CAN Achieve Your DREAMS with Focus, Preparation and Execution!
Hi, I'm Ted Snow, Owner and Head Strength of WarriorFit Performance. Our mission with our athletes here is to Train to Enhance Movement. We have been doing just this with countless athletes over the years and we are confident our team can help you reach your strength, speed and performance goals just like others before you. 

Our Trial Period is designed to provide you with the coaching and support that will help direct you on a path towards improved performance and skill acquisition. Completing our functional movement screen and testing provides further direction on how we need to approach your training so we prevent injury and maximize your results. 

If you are looking for an edge over your competition look no further. The value we provide is in the program specific to your child's needs, a safe and effective progression of skill development and coaching you to maximize your results.  

Now is the time for you to decide to invest in your child. 

Yours in Strength, 

Ted Snow B.Sc. CSCS Pn1
14 Days Of Unlimited  Semi-Private Training Plus Nutrition Coaching for Only $99
The Only Guarantee I Can Offer You Right Now Is That I Can't Help Your Child Excel Beyond Their Competition If You Put Off Their Athletic Development. "It's Not Worth It To Wait Any Longer"

Don't put your child at Risk of injury any further. Don't let their Nutrition hold them back. The Time to Act is Now

Will you see results? Without a doubt! It depends on you though. We will provide your child all the tools they need to be successful but what it really comes down to is how important their Athletic Skill is to you. The longer you wait the longer it will take for you to see results.
Don't put off tomorrow what you can get done today! It's their time! Make it happen! 
Frequently Asked Questions
Where is your Facility Located?
720 Sheridan Drive Unit 6 Easton, Pa 18045
How can we reach you for questions?
You can give us a call at 484-241-8634
Or email us at
What happens once I enroll?
You will receive an email welcoming you into our program. We will follow up with you shortly after that to schedule your assessment. 
What is your training schedule and how long are your classes?
Classes are 60 minutes long.
Monday - 5:15-6:15pm, 6:15-7:15pm
Wednesday - 6-7pm, 7-8pm
Friday - 5-6pm, 6-7pm
Saturday - 10-11am
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